Entry #1


2015-09-07 09:29:01 by DocterOreo

Sorry that I haven't posted a song in like 6 months

I have been working on my skill 

And also school has started so the homework is gonna kill me 

But I am making songs 

The one in working on will be perfect for a final world/level/boss 

It's a loop too 

But yeah I'm almost done with it 

When I'm done with the song please no comments saying things like

"More instruments" 

"More bass" 

Please no comments like those 

Every single one of my songs gets some variation of comment like that

I am saying this right to clear things up 

I'm not the person to add a lot of bass to my songs (don't even mention Call Of The Wild)

I will have bass in my songs yes but they aren't going to be the main thing you hear

The loop will hopefully be done by Saturday 

Thanks for listening 



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